Let’s Learn English

Let’s Learn English

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Class Description


What this class is all about?


In this class we are going to focus more on your speaking skills that includes funny and interesting dialogues from a movie or a lyrics from a song so we will write, translate and pronounce and memorize each of them.
With movies we can try acting, with lyrics we could try singing and with jokes we will practice telling them and we can chat in between.


What are the things that you’re going to accomplish in order for you to finish the class?


So, basically you are going to have a lot of talking. If you find it difficult to speak in English then we will spend more time and effort so that you will be able to learn how to speak English confidently. Aside from speaking that you will be doing, quizzes, writings, reactions and activities in-class discussions are also present as the usual classes.


What can you expect after taking this class?
You still get to benefit what speaking has to offer, which is your Communication skills. In which you will get to sharpen your communication skills.


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