The Improv Summit – The Class
Beginners Level
1 video, 1 audio, 1 reading
Audio: Listening Exercise
Graded: Cumulative Language Quiz
Intermediate Level
2 videos, 1 audio, 1 reading
Audio: Listening Exercise
Video: Collocations for Job Interview
Graded: Cumulative Language Quiz

The Improv Summit – The Class

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Class Description


Ever wanted to try improv but too afraid or too nervous to give it a go? Are you a professional improviser looking to "yes, and" other improvisers? This class is for both!


The Improv Summit – The Class is an improv class for all levels of improv that explores concepts discussed in the instructor’s Youtube series "The Improv Summit," including exploring how different styles of improv come together.


Find the show on Youtube: The Improv Summit


This is truly an improv class for everyone. While aimed at beginners, we do explore genre, gender, games, and all of the fundamentals to create the elements of improv in a space that is truly for all levels, all backgrounds, and all abilities.


This class is all about exploring the Elements of Improv — and how to incorporate improv into your everyday life.


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Who is the instructor, and what is his improv background?

The instructor is Spencer, who is a graduate of Second City Hollywood, ComedySportz LA, iO West, and UCB who hosts his own Youtube improv series, The Improv Summit (upon which this class is based), performs weekly with an improvised movie team Quest for the Missing Scripts, monthly with a voiceover movie team Classic Film Friendzy, a duo improv team The Januarys which hosts a twoprov show every first Friday called the Let it Duo – World Tour, a musical improv team This Day in History!, and he has created two longform shows, Family Dinner and My Big Fat Greek Improv, a showcase for Greek improvisers. He also sometimes hosts the Second City Hollywood improv jam, The Wham Bam Improv Jam. He has completed the musical improv programs at iO West, Second City Hollywood, ComedySportz LA, and UCB and has studied shakespeare and Jane Austen Improv. He also works in immersives, from murder mystery shows to wizard mixology, all of which include improvisational elements.

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