How To Teach Your Child About Money and Finances (Parents with kids age 1-6)

How To Teach Your Child About Money and Finances (Parents with kids age 1-6)

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Class Description


At what age should you teach your child about money and finances? The answer is the earlier the better.


When my son was 4 years old and going on a family trip to Disneyland I began to teach him about money because I was sending him down there with a $100 Visa gift card so he could buy all the things he was going to want.


To most adults that sounds like a crazy and irresponsible thing to do but the end result when my son returned home was that he didn’t spend any of the $100 because he wanted to buy things he wanted at stores near our home instead of at Disneyland. He made an interesting choice and one I rarely chose to do myself.


In this 4 week course you will learn:
* How to introduce money and financial responsibility to your young child.


* Tips and ideas to start your child on a habit of saving money.


* Should you invest in a 529 College Savings Plan or a Money Market Account for your child.


Class Requirements


Parents of children age 1-4 years of age.


Class Supplies


Desktop or laptop computer
Internet connection
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Email account



How can I build a savings for my child when I live paycheck to paycheck?

You currently have money to spare but you just don’t know it because you don’t see on what you’re currently spending your money. Once you know how you’re spending your money you’ll be able to see places where you can move your money around to start saving.

How can a child so young really understand finances when most adults don't even understand how to manage their finances?

Currently young children and adults are being taught how to spend everything they have for everything they want through massive marketing campaigns so if they’re capable of learning those bad behaviors at such a young age they’ll be able to learn good saving habits as well.

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