How to read architectural drawings

How to read architectural drawings

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Do your eyes glaze over when you see an architectural drawing? Do you need to be better at understanding conversations with contractors, designers, or realtors?


This course is a 90 minute overview that will help you begin to understand how architectural drawings are made, and how to interpret them. Are you a real estate broker who wants to help your buyers or sellers in working with architects? Or perhaps you’re an interior decorator and not familiar with technical drawing standards and how to interpret them.


Meant for the rank beginner, I will teach you how to navigate your way through technical drawings, and begin to know what to look for. Of course, architects spend their entire careers learning about WHAT to draw, but the conventions about HOW to draw them are alarmingly consistent.


Join us for a fun and informative way to learn an otherwise pretty dry topic!


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Only an interest in learning.


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