A Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting

A Beginner’s Guide to Podcasting

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Class Description


In this course, we will go step by step on what you specifically need to launch your own show and to take off on your podcasting journey. I believe podcasting is an excellent outlet to tell the world who you truly are and to become your own boss.


With podcasting, you’re in control of what you want to say, what content you want to distribute and which outlets you want to distribute it to. In this course, you’ll discover your passions, how to be vulnerable when facing a microphone, how to interview and most importantly: what your podcast should be called.


You’ll discover your own niche, your target audience and how to promote and grow your brand. By the end of the course you’ll be ready to set off into the world and join the incredible podcast community.


Class Requirements


A can-do attitude!


Eagerness to learn!


Class Supplies


– A computer/laptop.
– Notebook/Notes App.
– Strong internet connection.



Will I need to purchase a microphone for this class?

No, this class is just for beginners who are just starting out. We’re only going over the basics that does not include the technicalities just yet.

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