Healing through Authentic Relating

Healing through Authentic Relating

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Class Description


Would you like tips and tricks on having hard conversations? On how to handle anger, sadness, trauma, or relationship issues in a healing way? Would you love to learn about people and become closer to the ones you love in a natural and respectful way? Or would you like to just be more empathetic?
Let’s grow together using Authentic Relating.


What is Authentic Relating?


Authentic relating is conversation building techniques that use exercises, or games, to teach and facilitate the skills, like curiosity and empathy, necessary to quickly create deep, meaningful human connection.


Together, we will have a new topic during each course to dive deep into. I will offer real life examples and will make each class as interactive as possible. We will cover topics such as "how to say sorry" and "Boundaries" or even simply "Empathy" classes. Anything to help us heal what technology and separation continues to rob us of- real, authentic communication.


After finding my love for Authentic Relating games in Houston, TX roughly 5 years ago, I’ve has made it my goal to spread these connection building, group activities to help promote community, authenticity, and empathy around the globe.


This class isn’t for anyone specific, it’s for everyone. Join me in a healing experience that just keeps on giving 🙂


Class Requirements


Honor yourself- getting up/getting water/ etc. When needed.


Respecting yourself- don’t overshare what you feel is a very vulnerable subject.


Respect others- If someone shares any information, please respect them and keep it in our safe space


Class Supplies


Note pad for notes if you’d like



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