Getting Out of Job Jail-Resume Reviews

Getting Out of Job Jail-Resume Reviews

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Are you unemployed, underemployed, or unhappily? Do you want more from your career? Are you unhappy in your current position? Do you long to break out of your current position?


Learn from a 30 year Human Resources veteran recruiter exactly what decision-makers are looking for on resumes, during interviews, and better understand the virtual interview expectations.


For every job seeker, career changer, returning to work candidate, or laid off / downsized / former employee, sound career management advice is here. Now you can take control of your career and stop allowing the economy, employees, and envious family and friends from having control over your destiny.

Join Audrey, as she coaches you step by step on successful career strategies, to Get Out of Job Jail. In this fast-paced class, you will learn some of the reasons your resume is not opening doors to great opportunities.

You will learn ways to revise and revamp your resume to make it do its job, which is to get you solid interviews. From a 30-year HR veteran recruiter learn:

Why your current resume is being rejected by ATS systems
Where to locate keywords for the position you are applying for
The difference between responsibilities and accomplishments

Audrey will share her 30 years of HR experience in recruiting and the research she has done by teaching HR and The Law across the country. Audrey tells it like it is for today’s job seeker, career changer, or returning to the workforce candidate.


Audrey uses practical strategies and real-world examples, blended with her infectious enthusiasm and candor to help people pursue their passions and live on purpose.


Class Requirements


Have a copy of your resume handy.


Class Supplies


Make sure you have something to capture notes.



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