GED Science Readiness Course

GED Science Readiness Course

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Class Description


Although this course will be structured around the criteria needed to pass the GED Science, all students interested in learning or refreshing their skills in areas such as Physical Science, Life Science, Zoology, and much more are welcome to attend. Students that are attempting the HiSet or other equivalency exams will also benefit from this content.


This class will be academically rigorous, as the end goal upon completion is taking the GED test as a well-prepared student.


An In depth course description for the GED Science Readiness Course can be found here:


Class Requirements


Students will need to be able to access google classroom for additional practice and resources I supply.


Class Supplies


No physical supplies are needed apart from a computer.



What topics will be covered?

Science Basics
Intro to Scientific Investigation
recognizing and evaluating evidence
working with evidence
reading investigations
working with Textual Data
drawing conclusions from scientific texts
Predict and Infer from visual Data; relationships in Data
using scientific formulas
elements of experimental design; understanding experimental design
forming and refining a hypothesis
verifying accuracy in an investigation
Designing or Modifying an experiment
evaluating scientific conclusions; working backwards from results
Evaluating an Investigation, Judging the relevance of data
Central Tendency
Plants: Photosynthesis
4 main systems of body
Nutrients, germs, infections, immune system, antibiotics
Check ins
Charles Darwin
Ecosystems: Producers, Consumers, food web
Earth’s structure (Crust, Core, Mantle, Plate Tectonics)
Earth’s Resources: diff types; natural, renewable or non, energy resources, solar energy, positive steps of conservation
Space: Universe, galaxy, solar system, star system, constellations, planets
Newton’s Laws of Motion
Matter, Molecules, Atoms, Table of Elements

Will there be tests? Will there be homework?

Check ins for understanding, but no tests. I will supply supplemental materials on google classroom and it will be up to students to complete the work; it is not mandatory, just great practice.

Will this class be fun?

I love this subject so I will make it as fun as I can!

How long will it take to complete this class?

1 quarter; a total of 44 instructional hours. 2 sessions per week for 2 hours a piece.

How is this class different from your combination math and science class?

This class is 2/3 the weekly time commitment due to this being only one subject instead of two like the combination Math and Science class.

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