Fantastical and Mystical Oil Landscape Painting (Advanced Course)

Fantastical and Mystical Oil Landscape Painting (Advanced Course)

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Class Description


In this Course we will be exploring and making various themes of Fantastical and Mystical Landscapes using Oil Paint, such as Dream Art, Cosmic Art, Mystical and Elemental Nature art, and Abstract landscape art. This is an advanced Oil painting class where some Oil painting experience is required. In all my classes I like to teach and incorporate mindfulness practices in the art making! Hope to see you there !


**This is Equivalent to a College level Course** but a lot more affordable !


**Featured Image is part of a Painting I did!


Class Requirements


Beginner Oil Painting experience.


Class Supplies


-Oil paint colors:
– You need at least ONE 37 ML blue tube of: Ultramarine blue OR Cerulean blue or Cerulean blue hue OR Prussian Blue
-At least ONE 37 ML red tube of: Alizarin crimson OR Cadmium red or Cadmium red light.
-At Least ONE 37 ML Yellow tube of: Cadmium yellow OR lemon yellow
-122 ML tube of Titanium white Paint OR 122 ML tube of Zinc White paint AND 37 ML tube of Titanium white paint OR 37 ML Tube of Zinc White paint – You need to have both whites but you get to choose which tube you want small and what tube you want big !
-Liquin original for glazing (this will really pop out the colors and add depth)
-Any type of palette (can be a recycled or repurposed piece of wood or glass also) or Palette Paper
-Palette seal box or a container with lid where you can store your palette with paint
-Canvases or Canvas Boards or Wood Planks that have a layer of Gesso – in any size you wish
-Size 6-18 Brushes Flat and Round Synthetic (non animal based- unless you have brushes that aren’t already) brushes (want to have at least three different size and types of brushes).
-Odorless Mineral Spirits (preferably as Green or Eco friendly as you can get – Klean Strip Green is a good brand) AND/OR Non toxic Linseed Oil!
-Multiple glass jars (at least three) or containers for mediums with LIDS!
-A bucket or bigger mason Jar of sorts to discard really dirty paint medium to be properly disposed off (you cannot ever put Oil paint medium down a drain)
-Rags and/OR used T-shirts and/OR Paper Towels preferably eco-friendly paper towels if you are using paper towels.
-Dish soap to clean brushes well- preferably eco-friendly dish soap like ECOS
– A Paper bag or some type of bag you will use to dispose of Paper towels and/or palette paper




-Gloves**But be advised that some Oil paints such as Cadmium are toxic and many advise to wear gloves while painting although it is not required**
-Any size tube of Zinc White Oil paint
-Any size tube of Oil paint color you want
**You can also get multiple of the different required tubes of paint for example you can get Ultramarine AND Prussian Blue but it is only required to get one color of each and look online to see which colors you might prefer working with before purchasing**


**Lastly, Make sure you are in a Well ventilated room and have good adequate lighting!**



Do I need Oil painting experience to take this class?

Yes- you need at least some beginner basics of oil painting for this class- as this class will really go in depth with Oil painting and layering.

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