English as a Second Language or ESL (Adults)

English as a Second Language or ESL (Adults)

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Class Description


* Greetings, phrases, and words used on a daily basis like when shopping, going to the bank, doing daily living activities, socializing, and indulging in physical fitness programs.


** Language: alphabet, phonics, spelling, grammar, sentence construction, and conversations


*** Reading: Current event and storytelling discussions


**** Writing literary works like compositions, poems, songs, letters, speeches, and short stories.


***** Vocabulary


****** Games


Classes run every month all throughout the year from January to December. Deadline for Enrollment for each month is two days before the first day of class. Anyone can join at anytime.



Class Requirements


Excellent Internet Connection


Head Phones with Microphone (only needed if your device has poor quality audio and speakerphones)


Good lighting and clear video


Quiet room


No distractions like people or pets walking around in the background or noise or music / radio / TV in the background. Eating is a form of distraction, as well.


Please silence cell phones, landline phones, Fax machines, and alarm clocks.


Only students can be on the screen. Onlookers can observe off the screen.


Student must be in sitting or standing position and not lying down.


Class Supplies


Writing Notebook (has three lines per line)


Drawing Pad


Pencils and Eraser


Colored Pencils and/or Crayons




White Board, White Board Markers, White Board Eraser



Do I need to use headphones with microphone?

It is highly recommended to use headphones with microphone with excellent internet connection to have full learning experience in Online English as a Second Language (ESL) class.

Do I need to know some English to join this class?

No, you do not need to know some English to join this class.

Can I have drinking water with me during class?

Yes, you can have drinking water with you during class. You can drink water during class.

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