Emotional Intelligence and Awareness

Emotional Intelligence and Awareness

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Class Description


Here you’ll acquire The teachings that enable you to recognize ones own emotions and those of others in order to affectively discern between different feelings and label them appropriately.


*Classes will be updated in two week intervals.


Class Requirements


-Students Must be sure to enroll on time unless specified with instructor on delay.


-Please Bring an open mind and a willingness to gain understanding as some topics may get raw and therefore be uncomfortable


-Students must pay enrollment fees on time so as to not hold up the process for future classes


-Engage and Have fun its just feelings everyone has them and know that it’s ok.


-Please be open to accountability.. Adults will not be coddled.


Class Supplies


All assignments and work sheets will be provided via email so please be sure to check when prompted.



Why is it important to know how I feel?

Ones own Emotional awareness is one of the major Key components to social interactions and the foundation to Empathy. If you are aware and accepting of your own feelings the easier it will be to gain understanding of the feelings of those around you.

Why should I care about the feelings of those around me?

Well, we live in an existence where there are 7billion plus people who also share the spaces we inhabit and it is important that we Govern ourselves in ways that we don’t navigate through life thinking that we are the only ones on earth. For in knowing the vast amount of people who share the same space, makes-clear- the- obvious- fact- that, it is Not "just about you"… Therefore we owe it to others to at least consider that, they may feel. In respect that, we do also!.

What makes you Qualified to teach me?

Well ive been Qaulified by the most high GOD. with a strong sense of emotional intelligence, a Passion for Self reflection and a desire to treat others as I desire to be treated. Now, Along my Journey I have discovered through many hard life lessons that, although many adults live in their own Bodies, many are not honest with themselves about how they feel. what they feel and when it is they actually feel it.SO, I have it made my mission to assist in the very things so many of us have not mastered: The Understanding of emotional intelligence, Emotional Maturation and Emotional awareness.

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