“Enough!” – Self Advocacy in Domestic Violence Court

“Enough!” – Self Advocacy in Domestic Violence Court

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Class Description


This course provides empowering tips and strategies on how to obtain a domestic violence restraining order in court.


Participants will learn how to prepare an application for an emergency restraining order, and how to strategically plan for the final court hearing.


Participants will also learn strategies on how to present the case in court, including: opening statement, admitting evidence, preparing questions, interviewing witnesses, and closing statements.


Finally, participants will learn what happens after the court issues the final protection order, and how to renew the order before it expires.


While this course focuses on empowering those injured by domestic violence, most any practitioner in the field of DV would benefit from this course, as well as employers, friends, and family members.


Please note this course does not provide legal advice. Many communities have nonprofit attorneys in the DV field. For those who can afford to hire an attorney, seeking legal advise can be helpful.


Skills gained in this course can also be applied to anti-stalking orders, and protection orders for minors, individuals with disabilities, and senior citizens.


Class Requirements


Participants are encouraged to bring pen and paper to take notes, and to test your technology in advance to ensure it works properly.


Participants are also encouraged to attend with a calm mind conducive to learning.
Going for a walk to get some fresh air just before the course for instance might help with focus.


The course will last approximately 2.5 hours, depending on variables, such as volume of questions. Tips and best practices will be presented start to finish. To get the most out of the class participants should attend the entire course.


Class Supplies


Please attend with a pad of paper and pen. If you already have an application for a restraining order, you may wish to have an extra printed copy to take notes on.



Will this class teach me how to apply for a domestic violence protection order?

Yes, the focus of this course is to provide detailed instruction on not only the process of obtaining an abuse protection order, but invaluable tips on writing, organization, and oral presentation.

Will the instructor provide me with legal advice about my case?

No. Although the instructor is a licensed attorney with substantial experience in domestic violence, because he is licensed in one state only he cannot dispense legal advice.

What if I don't spell very good or write very well?

This course will offer effective tips on writing an easy-to-read sworn statement. Also, the judge who reads your application for an abuse prevention order will analyze whether there is a need to issue you an order, not whether you did well in high school English.

What if I'm nervous about appearing in court and going in front of a judge?

First, being nervous in court is normal. Second, the more prepared you are the less nervous you will be. This course provides invaluable tips to help you channel your nerve energy into laser focus when you enter court.

What about Covid 19? How will that effect my case and my appearance in court?

This course will guide you on how to handle this issue in the lead up to your final hearing.

Is this an interactive course?

Yes, the instructor will pause at times to actively engage attendees into meaningful exercises designed to invoke strategic thinking about their case.

Will there be an opportunity for questions and answers during this class?

Yes, however the instructor will not be able to answer everyone’s questions.

Do I have to take a test at the end of this course?

No, there is no test. However, integrated into the curriculum are Starbucks Coffee quizzes, where students may win a cup of Starbucks Coffee for their participation!

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