Sewing Machine Basics

Sewing Machine Basics

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Class Description


Before you try and make that outfit you have floating around in your head.. lets learn to operate your sewing machine, stitch a straight line, and a few other things you’ll need to know prior to taking a practical Sewing class.


This class will teach you what you need to know about the sewing machine so you can get going on your Fashion Dream journey. It’s Important truly.


I will explain and demonstrate in a non-intimidating fashion and you will find yourself mastering the basics of the sewing machine operation and you won’t be frustrated when the thread breaks or tangles and no one is around to help. You’ll know exactly what to do.


Class Requirements


No Sewing Experience Required


Please Login on time and be prepared. You will not be able to join once class begins. 1 make-up is available within 7 days ONLY if space is available.


Class Supplies


Sewing Machine
2 pkgs Fat Quarters
(used to practice with)
2 spools of dark thread
3 Empty Bobbins or Accessory Kit(comes w sewing machine)
Tape Measure
Pencil or Pen or Thin Point Marker
Few sheets of Plain 8.5"x11 paper


Notepad if you want to take notes



Will This Class Teach Me to Make a Garment?

No. This class is will teach you how to properly thread your sewing machine and troubleshoot when your thread tangles, speed control, stitching & backstitching, and so much more. You need to know this so that you can make a garment with a sewing machine.

Can I skip this class and go straight to a sewing class where I can make my designs I want to make?

I know what you mean. Who wants to walk before running? Heck, I’m flying in my head!
Imagine, you have all your basic sewing skills down and you are in a Design class where you can FINALLY make your dream dress and your fellow classmate is asking "How do I thread the machine?" Now, the instructor has to stop and spend time with that student instead of giving you your moneys worth of design instruction… DON’t be that student. You will waste money, time and effort for all parties concerned and be very disappointed because you allowed your Excitement to outweigh your good judgement if you bypass this class. It truly is important and will make all classes
afterward more enjoyable and rewarding and you’ll get through your projects faster.


Besides, I wouldn’t advise trying to. Most Instructors offering intermediate/advanced classes will want you to know the basic operation of a sewing machine.

So now, I have a question for you.<br /> ARE YOU READY? I'm ready to teach you some REAL stuff. You're gonna love it and you will leave from this class informed, inspired, confident and ready for more!

If your answer is YAAASSSSS! Then COME ON BOARD!

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