Creating a fictional Character or Creature

Creating a fictional Character or Creature

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Class Description


In this class you will create your own original character or creature. Starting with some brainstorming and writing of the characters background and world to better understand more about them. From there we move into basic anatomy drawing to build a sketch of them. After creating a drawing I will go over inking and coloring techniques. The goal of this class is to develop a finalized illustration of your very own original character matched with a brief one page biography.




Class Requirements


Some drawing experience recommended.


Class Supplies


– Pencil and eraser
– Fine line marker or pen set (unless you are comfortable with quil and ink)
– Sketch paper ment for watercolor (unless you plan on digital color then blank paper is fine)
– Lined paper or document program for writing.
– Camera or scanner for uploading your illustration.


I will be going over three coloring techniques, it is only essential to only have one of these three setups to finish this class. but feel free to obtain all if you can.


Choose between: and/or
-Watercolor pallet or tubes and white acrylic paint. variety of small brushes.


-Color Pencils (preferred prismacolor), colorless blender marker or 90% alcohol and q-tips.


-Adobe Photoshop




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