Conversational French For Beginners

Conversational French For Beginners

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Class Description


My background in film today helps design classes inspired by the French media, from commercials, cartoons and animes, TV series, and even movies. I also can help you improve your French spelling and accent, and grammar.


Class Requirements


Being eager to learn French.


Class Supplies


Any device that allows you to meet with me on Zoom and to watch required videos for the class to advance smoothly as we’ll be using audiovisual materials.


Any basic requirement?

It is strongly suggested that you know the French alphabet but it is not mandatory

Answer 1

What are the benefits?

You will be able to initiate a very basic conversation after the completion of the class. I will offer private lessons to those seeking to a better grasp of the language

What about the homework?

After each class, you will have to watch video materials as assignments.

Schedule wise...

By the end of April 2022, there should be more class schedules added, it actually also will depend on the number of students and their location. So please come back and check out. Thank you

No Schedules Currently Available.