Basics of Computers and computing (Lecture)

Basics of Computers and computing (Lecture)

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Class Description


in this course we will be going over the basics of what a computer is as well as its basic functions and how they work on a fundamental level.


Class Requirements


Be ready to learn and ask questions.


Class Supplies


None at all but if you want to take notes on things you can!



What experience do you have?

I have been working on and building computers and other electronic devices for more that 10 years.

What types of computers have you worked on/built?

I have built computers for people of all walks of life. From graphic artists, to twitch streamers. You name it I have built it.

What is the point of a Lecture for this?

In this course, you will learn about the basics of how the parts of a computer work and how to pick parts in accordance to what you need for your build. Of course, there is a follow up course available for those wanting to just dive into the building process.

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