Storytelling and Game Design Through Dungeons and Dragons

Storytelling and Game Design Through Dungeons and Dragons

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Class Description


This class is dedicated to turning the process of writing and creating into an enjoyable and dynamic experience. We will be using the medium of Dungeons and Dragons to delve into the complex ideas and methods that everyone should employ in their process in order to have a smoother and overall fun venture.


We will begin with simple concepts which will allow any laymen to gain comfort in the topics and then progressively move on to more complex tasks such as creating a believable world and designing engaging interactions for your audience. No prior knowledge of writing or DnD is required, though it does help.


Whether you are a writer, a game designer, really an artist or creator of any type, you will benefit from the treasures that lie within. I’ve always held the belief that creating, as a process, can and should be enjoyable. Through this course, I aim to provide the tools and habits needed to take any idea and bring it to life without the dredge that is associated with the work.


Class Requirements


A desire to create.


Class Supplies


Your preferred form of writing. We will be doing a lot of it.



Do I need any prior writing or fantasy knowledge to succeed in this class?

No, I will assume no prior knowledge. It is helpful if you have a desire to immerse yourself in that type of medium as it will be our main focus.

Is this a fiction writing class?

Yes, we will be focusing on fiction and fantasy writing. This includes all genres within that category as well so if your interest doesn’t fall directly onto fantasy, that is okay.

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