ESL: Comedy, Animation, & Musicals!

ESL: Comedy, Animation, & Musicals!

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Class Description


Do you love to laugh? Do you enjoy being silly? Are you passionate about learning English? I have the class for you! You’ll practice reading, writing, listening, & speaking while using classic American comedies (I Love Lucy, Friends), Classic animation (Disney’s Lady & The Tramp, Ratatouille) and musicals (Mama Mia, Auntie Mame). Don’t know any of these titles…no worries. This is an opportunity to not only improve your English, but to delve into American culture at its best. In these trying times we could all use a little more levity and bigger smiles! All levels welcome, including seniors.


Class Requirements


Students should have a basic understanding of English, i.e. this class is for high beginners and above. Everyone may participate as much or as little as wanted. If you’re a newer student and prefer to listen and read before practicing writing & speaking…that’s just fine. Take the leap!


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I'm a total beginner, is this class appropriate for me?

All levels are welcome to attend, but if you are brand new, it would be best to just listen. Some students do well attending classes that are a bit above their level, others get frustrated. I always recommend one try things out and then decide.

What kind of material will we be studying?

We’ll explore English through various comedic genres: TV comedies (I Love Lucy, Modern Family, Friends), Animation (Disney movies, The Simpsons, Up) and Musicals (Mama Mia, Auntie Mame, My Fair Lady)…to name a few.

Technology wise - what is the best set-up?

It is best practice to use headphones for the best audio quality. Hopefully your internet connection is strong so you can experience high quality video and audio as well.
Please remember to silence cell phones and find a tranquil, quiet location where you won’t be disturbed.

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