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Coffee Snob

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Class Description


Coffee Snobs Unite! For far too long, the term "Coffee Snob" has been used as a disparaging term to describe someone who has incredibly high Coffee standards.


At the end of the day, "high Coffee standards" is a simple show of respect for the bean that helps us start the day. As Coffee Snobs, we understand the deeper implications of how we choose to procure, create roast profiles, dial in our equipment, and how to ultimately brew Coffee has a social and ethical choice.


Your morning cup of Coffee is so much more than just that, merely a-cuppa-Joe!


If you already feel this and already hold a deep appreciation for Coffee, then you are absolutely in the right place. This class will support you with helpful tips and conversations to take your relationship with coffee to the next level. Or else, if you have a loved one who is a self-identified Coffee Snob, then you will learn how to speak their language and share their deep appreciation for Coffee.


In Cafe Reconnaissance we will learn how to survey any given cafe (i.e. brewing equipment, barista, etc.) in order to make a well-informed decision on your coffee order when you visit an unfamiliar coffee-spot and likely avoid being disappointed by your cuppa ever again, while STILL allowing yourself to "try something new."


In Coffee Ceremonies we will discuss how to "respectfully" brew Coffee at home, which generally means slowing down and enjoying your coffee before you run out the door. We will cover the merits and drawbacks of a multitude of brewing methods and the appliances necessary to to level-up your "coffee-game". Also, if you enjoy hosting people at your house for dinner parties, improving your after dinner coffee presentation is well worth the investment in this session.


**Please note, both sessions are scheduled for only one hour each, but I will keep the class open for as long as individuals are keen to keep the conversation going. I will cover all of the course content within the first hour, so you are not obligated to stay and chat, but if your schedule is open then stay on as long as you wish.


Join me for a caffeinated good time! Put on a pot or a pour-over, either cozy up or pace back and forth as you wish, and let’s indulge in our mutual love for Coffee!


Class Requirements


Zero Requirements. Please feel free to ask questions throughout.


Class Supplies


No supplies necessary, but I highly suggest brewing yourself some coffee beforehand.



How do you know so much about Coffee?

Throughout the years, I have had the fortune to apprentice as a barista under a brilliant coffee-head. I have had countless long winded conversations with over-accommodating baristas, and probably more than anything else, my brothers who created the Star Village Coffee Roasting company. Check our website here!

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