Bluegrass Jam Basics

Bluegrass Jam Basics

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Class Description


This class will focus on playing Bluegrass on the acoustic guitar. We will cover all the basic skills needed to play in a Bluegrass Jam: Changing chords without looking, maintaining a rhythm pattern while changing chords, anticipating chord changes and singing while playing. The class size is limited to five students so there will be lots of time for group discussion and to answer individual questions.


Class Requirements


You should be able to strum the basic Bluegrass chords: G, C and D. Chord charts will be provided when you signup for the class. You should be able to commit to at least 30 minutes of practice time each day.


Class Supplies


You should have an acoustic guitar, tuner and pick. Music stands are helpful. Print out Bluegrass songs you would like to learn. Include lyrics and try to get everything to fit on one page.



Can I take this class if I play a Bluegrass instrument other than guitar?

You can take the class even if you play mandolin, bass, banjo or fiddle. The class focus will be on the acoustic guitar but all the jam skills covered are useful to musicians playing any bluegrass instrument.

How many students will be in each class?

The class size is limited to one or two students. There will be lots of time for individual questions. When students have developed the basic jamming skills we will schedule a group jam using Jamkazam.

Will I learn about music theory?

Music theory will be covered as needed to help students understand how each part of a song fits together. Very simple and clear examples will be used to help insure each topic is understood. If any topic goes beyond the basic level of the course you will have the opportunity to follow up with email to insure you get the information you need.

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