Blissfull State and Physical State

Blissfull State and Physical State

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In this session we will be talking about the everlasting life cycle, through an Ayurvedic Perspective.


How we become a physical force at conception and develop through an energetic collision from your parents who have now created you.


We will talk about the connection the mother has with her child during pregnancy and how this can build our intuitive sense as female creatures.
(of course, fathers come into play at some point. So far, I have not gotten to explore this theory)


The transfer a child makes from blissful state to a physical state.


A possible link still connected to your child from a past life experience.


Along with our final topic of the day, classical conditioning and its unnerving resemblance to an open debate on Nature v. Nurture.


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I will include a document where one can write extra notes on the side so it helps you best remember the information given.



What is Ayurveda ?

It is an Indian based medical approach that focuses on the bodily functions as mind, body, and soul. By prescribing alternative remedies using herbs, change in diet and yogi breathing.

What is an Intuitive Sense?

This can be best described as our gut feeling. When one practices further into a spiritual lifestyle. One can then understand that an intuitive sense comes in all five sense and will be different for each individual. Which then comes with great practice into our "signals".

Are past lives real?

This comes with great debate, of course, in my experience I have seen about two encounters that have convinced my view.


As the theory behind it goes, infants came from the veils of life and death. Where they had the chance to choose whether to come back for another set of years on earth and learn certain lessons in life.
Considering that the soul choice yes, then they are brought back to live again in a "new" body.

Explain Nature v. Nurture

A fun theory whether the environment of a child or the way they are fondled changes the development of a child towards adulthood.

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