Astrology- Getting to Know the Cosmos & Yourself

Astrology- Getting to Know the Cosmos & Yourself

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Class Description


So, you know you’re a Cancer, or an Aquarius, or a Gemini, so what? You may know what your Sun sign is, but what about your Moon sign, or your rising sign? If you don’t know what any of that means, then buckle up, friends, and take this spaceship to the stars with me to see what treasures they’re waiting to reveal to you…


It’s pretty simple, in theory. If you plug in your birth date, time, and place, you can get a picture of what the sky looked like the second you were born. This is important. We can look and see where the planets were, each of them holding their own mystical powers and influences. We can see what realms of life are important to you, or where you may struggle and the best way to remedy challenges in your life.
A step further, knowing all this, we’re able to lay our charts within charts from any time, past present or future, to see what the moving planets mean for us at certain times of our lives. You can do this right now to see what Venus, the love planet, is up to, and what may be happening around you and subconsciously in your love life….It’s the basis for how horoscopes are formed! But there’s nothing more gratifying than practicing on yourself, and getting a huge dynamic picture of yourself, first.


Class Requirements


an open mind & heart


Class Supplies


-pens, variety of colors preferred
-pencil, definitely an eraser too
-blank paper (for drawing)
-a sense of adventure



Isn't astrology just my Zodiac sign?

No, actually! Astrology and synastry, the study of interpreting planetary relationships and influence, covers ALLLL sorts of topics. Using your Natal Chart, you can see what each planet means for you, and what sort of role they’ll play throughout your entire life.

Is this class about stars?

No… Astronomy is the study of stars, planets, gravity, science, facts, all that good stuff. Astrology gets a bit weird, it’s a bit abstract, but its uncanny how relevant it is to us as individuals. Although it’s not science-based, it’s almost a religion, in which you put a lot of faith in because it just feels so right.

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