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Class Description


I have to say that I am a very happy Enneagram 4, which is Eeyore from WINNIE THE POOH as the picture above shows. Maybe you are the Enneagram type that is Pooh or Tigger or Piglet? Let’s find out together! But, seriously, students/actors, I am so happy to be taking you through the Enneagram, a 9-point personality profile, that will soar you to "new and improved" heights in your acting. You will find out more about who you really are both onstage and offstage.


Class Requirements


Just bring yourself and most definitely bring your open heart!


Class Supplies


We will be working from the book, THE ENNEAGRAM MADE EASY by Renee Baron. The book is available for sale at $12.69 (Amazon Prime) at If you do not have an Amazon Prime account, you can order the book online through other book websites like thriftbooks or Barnes and Noble. If it is "made easy" for you to have me order the book for you, I would be more than happy to do that and all you would have to do is just pay me back through the course fee. The book runs for $12.69 on Amazon Prime, but you may find a lower price if you google search other book websites. NOTE: Please try to find a new or very good condition of the book, as someone else’s writing in the book may interfere with you discovering your Enneagram type.



Question 1: "How will the Enneagram help my acting?"

Answer 1: The Enneagram is a spiritual and personality tool that once understood will allow you as a student/actor to map out a fully-realized journey of your stage or film characters. It will give you a map to understanding your characters’ wants, desires, fears, insecurities, hopes, dreams, basically EVERYTHING you need to live the life of your character. It will allow you to act a character who is fully realized, both externally and most importantly internally.

Question 2: "What does the heart have to do with acting?"

Answer 2: I think the answer to that question is, "The heart has EVERYTHING to do with acting." Without an open heart, how could you possibly allow your film or stage character to come alive and live from his or her heart? Through the Enneagram work that is the "heart work," you will not only fully realize your stage or film characters onstage but also live a more fully realized life with yourself and your relationships with others offstage.

Question 3: "What if I uncover something in this course that I didn't know about myself and it makes me very confused and/or uncomfortable?"

Answer 3: I can promise you that you WILL uncover things about yourself in this course that you probably never really knew fully about yourself. What I will do as your instructor is hold your hand through it all. I will take all the necessary time you need to get comfortable with these realizations and work through them. I am NOT a therapist (at least not licensed), but I am someone who is very kind, very gentle, very thoughtful, and very interested in giving you all you need to become the best (and only) you there is. As an Enneagram 4, I am very interested in uncovering someone’s deeper truths about themselves and encouraging and building up that someone to live a more fully-realized life onstage and offstage. It all starts from, with, through and in the heart!

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