Lifelong Learning and the Aged Mind

Learning is a lifelong process; we continue to gain new skills and knowledge long after we graduate from school. Thankfully, modern technology has made learning more accessible to everyone including those of us that are seniors; we can now access courses from anywhere that we can get internet. As we age we run the risk of cognitive decline and lower self-esteem; lifelong learning helps to combat these by expanding our knowledge base and keeping us mentally fit, while online learning simplifies the process by alleviating the stress of driving to a course.

In addition, many of us seniors may have lost friends and loved ones and as a result we feel isolated and lonely, lifelong learning helps us build confidence, make new friends and make us more relevant by learning new skills, and keeping up with technology. With online interactive learning we have the ability to be part of a community of like minded seniors and the potential to build lasting friendships.

Below are five benefits of taking interactive classes as a senior

1. Interactive Online Learning Helps Aging Adults Stay Engaged

Live online classes keep us active and healthy. As we age, our mobility can become more limited due to illness or injury making it difficult to pursue our usual activities or hobbies. Because online learning can take place anywhere we can continue to learn, keep up with our hobbies and engage with others.

2. Online Courses Improve Memory and Thinking Skills

Interactive learning can help sharpen our memory and thinking skills. 

The same way our bodies need a physical workout to stay healthy, the brain needs mental exercise to keep it fit. The more we exercise our brain, our ability to process and recall information will improve. Lifelong learning helps improve memory by keeping communication between our brain cells alive and possibly helping build new neural connections. By learning new things and acquiring new skills, online interactive classes can keep our brain fit.

3. Online Interactive Classes Help Us Gain New Skills

Learning a new skill is fun, and beneficial for us older adults. Taking an interactive class online can be an excellent opportunity to learn new skills you have always wanted to learn but couldn’t find the time or the money to do so. With a wide variety of affordable courses to choose from online education is a great option for seniors; offers courses ranging from art and multimedia, to writing and technology and everything in between.

4 . Live Interactive Courses Improve Confidence

Many online courses can give a boost to our emotional well-being by increasing our confidence and self-esteem. 

When we learn a new skill, we feel proud of ourselves. New knowledge and skills help us feel more confident, giving us a stronger sense of independence and purpose. In addition when we learn how to use technology we become more relevant and don’t feel left out or invisible.

5. Live Online Courses Help Overcome Loneliness and Depression

Research shows that seniors often struggle with loneliness and depression. Many of us have very limited social interactions with others which makes us feel isolated.

Virtual interactive courses allows us to interact with instructors and other learners, effectively providing opportunities for us to meet new people who share common interests. These new social interactions can keep us busy and entertained; studies show that friendships in late adulthood can improve our health and well-being even more than family relationships. 

Taking interactive classes online can benefit aging adults in so many ways. Online learning keeps the brain active, helping improve memory and thinking skills, thus preventing or postponing cognitive decline.  

In addition, online classes for adults can be a fantastic opportunity to meet new people with similar interests and prevent feelings of loneliness and depression. 

Finally, online courses can be a great opportunity to learn the skills you have always wanted to master but didn’t have time for while raising kids and working.