What’s happening to me, Is this Menopause? By Karen Cotton

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As I started to age, I began to notice that I didn’t think as I did before. I noticed things I could tolerate before, I could no longer tolerate, and vice-versa. Headaches followed by hot flushes made my daily routine unbearable.  I began to experience dry skin and vaginal issues.  My hair became dry and brittle. And, the night sweats led me to believe I was battling a serious illness. The questions flooded my mind and gripped me with fear. Am I getting old? Is this the effect of aging? Cancer? Menopause? It was as if my body rebelled against me.  I began to wonder, what could I do to recapture that zeal I once had for life?  I did all the correct things to stay in shape with diet and exercise but, something was missing.  I still felt old, rundown, and depleted. The symptoms and physical changes of menopause can wreak havoc in a woman’s life. Unfortunately, if a woman is dealing with the symptoms of depression, her menopause can be much worse than someone who is not depressed. The physical changes, alone, that occur in menopause may cause a woman to become depressed. Low estrogen levels can break the body down like an old car. It can be quite scary because menopause symptoms mimic other diseases, like, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. After I exhausted myself with worry online, I went to see my doctor. After some tests, and a few nail-biting days later, I received the news. IT WAS THE MENOPAUSE!  NOOOOOOO! I thought I was too young for menopause.  I began a quest to look and feel better.  I became the poster child of self-care principles and holistic living. I had no idea the journey would lead to a spiritual awakening of the mind, body, and spirit.


There are many signs and indicators of menopause. There is no need to have any fear or anxiety about menopause because it is as much a natural process as puberty and it happens to every woman. Difficult are not, some of us did begrudgingly make it through puberty. As you approach the time in your life when menopause becomes more likely, be on the lookout for the signs that menopause is approaching, for example, hot flashes are a huge red flag.  Aging is a process that is intrinsically linked with menopause. As you gain in years, your body also ages and menopause naturally occur as a part of the aging cycle. Every woman goes through this phase and it is a different experience for every woman.  Most women agree that menopause is a great maturing experience and helps them accept their age gracefully. Some women sail through menopause while some experience a certain amount of distress. Mood swings and hot flashes occur incessantly during menopause and you have to learn to treat the symptoms effectively. To do this let’s begin by understanding the signs of menopause. Be on the lookout for the first signs of menopause when you are around forty-five. If you sense that you are experiencing early signs of menopause, it is time to visit your gynecologist. Having a tubal ligation or hysterectomy can send you into a Mechanical Menopause.  This kind of menopause is the most difficult to suffer through because it is caused by an unnatural state. That is, the body goes into a sort of shock mode, and everything is heightened. The body rushes through the process of menopause due to this unnatural state making symptoms difficult to manage. But they can be managed. A common precursor of menopause is irregular periods. There are many ways in which you will see this irregularity. There can be either an increase or a decrease in the time between your periods.   Some women experience a shortening of their cycle while some experience a lengthening of their cycle.

When women reach the time for menopause, their body gives signs that their reproductive years are coming to a close. For women who face severe symptoms, it is best to go and seek the advice of a doctor. But you will be glad to know that there are natural remedies that can help you fight the symptoms of menopause.  Thus, this is a phase when you as a woman are going to be undergoing a certain amount of physical and emotional turmoil.   Using a natural homeopathic approach can help with the symptoms of menopause.  There are anti-aging supplements that help with hot flashes and mood swings, such as fish oil.  My quest for better health led me to become a Holistic Lifestyle Advocate. Taking courses at The Living Lotus Academy helped me achieve my goal of battling menopause the natural way. Join me in my online class, safely from your home, and let’s have a candid, in-depth discussion on menopause. Get help with tips and advice on how to navigate through the symptoms of Menopause. Check out my online class: Menopause 101 

Let walk through this journey together


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