Welcome to Adult Classes Online!

I’ve been in the education world for 15 years now, providing classes and camps for kids all over the country. So I know something about education, but when I told friends that I wanted to put this site together, they wondered why, considering “you can learn anything on youtube or udemy.” Well, it is true you can learn by watching videos, but that’s not the way everybody learns or wants to learn. We wouldn’t sit our kids down in front of videos and expect them to learn and retain, and even though adults have a greater attention span, is it always the right way to learn when there are other options?

I have great memories of my instructors throughout my education. Even after I got my Masters in Psychology, I continued taking fun classes at community college, wood shop being the most recent. The reason I would go to these classes is because I knew that watching a video on somebody teaching me how to cut wood was not going to help me learn. I like being held accountable to assignments. And I like feedback from teachers as I attempt and sometimes fail at tasks.

Interaction is also key for me. And not just from instructors, but other students as well. It’s great seeing what other students are working on and seeing what they’ve accomplished. It’s not just the instructors holding me accountable as I strive to learn more, but other students as well.

So why wouldn’t I want to create a space for adults to take live online classes? Yes, we’re not physically meeting up with others, but there are some major pluses to taking classes live online. There is nothing more convenient than taking a class in your own home. No commute, no gas, no wasted time… And all of this is especially important for almost all of us right now as we’re trying to socially distance ourselves.

It’s important to push ourselves mentally and physically throughout our life and especially in retirement, so please join in and try out a class. There are just so many fun options, there’s no excuse not to.

Tobin Felfe, CEO of Live Classes Online